We possess many strengths at Sure Steel, one of which is our ability to tackle large and complicated projects. Our performance on the FedEx Ground Houston Hub is a perfect example. Sitting on nearly 500 acres, this 6,200 ton facility boasts 800,000 SqFt of floor space with another 200,000+ SqFt of mezzanine giving FedEx over 1,000,000 SqFt of area to process incoming and outgoing parcels. One of the biggest challenges on this project was historical rainfall which produced up to 4’ of flooding at times. Despite the weather, we fulfilled our commitment of maintaining the schedule. At peak we reached approximately 80 workers on site, with separate crews working simultaneously on multiple scopes including primary members, secondary steel, detailing, roofing, and siding. In all, Sure Steel crews logged approximately 128,000 man hours on this project while maintaining exceptional quality, and most importantly, safety. There were no lost time incidents on this project, adding to our already impeccable safety record. With the ability to process 22,500 packages an hour, this Katy, Texas facility is a welcome addition to the FedEx distribution process.
FedEx Ground Front

Safety Stats



Without Lost Time



Experience Modification Rate (7/1 to 6/30)



Lost Time Incident Rate



Days away, restricted, transferred (1/1 to 12/31)

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