Sure Steel, Inc. will initiate, plan, execute, monitor and control the supply of all steel activities with the objectives of creating net value, building a quality product, leveraging trusted relationships with national fabricators, and synchronizing supply with project schedule.

By managing the steel procurement with the steel erection in mind, we provide peace of mind for our clients. Additionally, we provide the erector the ability to erect the building in a manner that promotes production/safety.

Sure Steel, Inc. is a “One-Stop-Shop” for all your steel needs.  Sure Steel, Inc. has successfully initiated, planned, executed, monitored, and controlled the supply of all the steel activities on most of the projects we have managed.

Project Highlight

Barrick TCM Leach
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Barrick TCM Leach

  • 9 buildings, 9 pipe racks, 2 top of-tank-platforms, and 10 mezzanines
  • 4,300 tons
  • 300+ deliveries to a remote site
  • 12+ fabrication shops
  • 6+ specialty paint shops
  • 6 detailing firms
  • 1 on-site consultant
  • 1 engineering firm
  • 2 grating manufacturers
  • 2 man door manufacturers
  • 2 overhead door manufacturers
  • 1 louver manufacturer
  • 1 deck manufacturer
  • 1 crane rail manufacturer
  • 2 Insulated metal panel manufacturers
  • 1 metal panel manufacturer
  • Fast-track-project
  • Web-based tracking capabilities

Safety Stats



Without Lost Time



Experience Modification Rate (7/1 to 6/30)



Lost Time Incident Rate



Days away, restricted, transferred (1/1 to 12/31)