Sure Steel competitively bid the supply and installation of this new flotation building, pump house, flocculant building, and modular pipe rack under a unit based contracting model. As part of the project design/build team, we worked closely with Flour and Rio Tinto representatives to expedite procurement, detailing, and fabrication. Due to the aggressive schedule, our team developed an erection plan which included pre-assembling building modules prior to the site being ready. This allowed erection to be several weeks ahead when the building footprint was turned over for installation. To maximize erection time, roof and wall components were modularized on the ground and installed in sections (or kits) minimizing the fall exposure to craft workers. Roof kits (two trusses bolted together with infill steel) measured 90’ in length with a weight of 62,000 lbs and wall kits (two columns bolted together with bracing) measured 125′ in height with a weight of 135,000 lbs. These kits were installed using a 550-ton hydro truck crane with a mega wing attachment. Additionally, crews of approximately 75 workers worked two, 12-hour shifts during the winter months to have 24 hour/day erection activities on site.
KUC Flotation Expansion
  • Location: Copperton, UT
  • Contractor/Owner: Fluor
  • Category:
  • Scope: Supply & Erect
  • Type: Structural Steel

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