The UCHealth Greeley Hospital is a 350,000 SqFt, four-story hospital and medical office building located in Greeley, Colorado. Sure Steel worked closely with JE Dunn to design, fabricate, and install the 2,110 tons of steel that went into this project. Sure Steel was brought on as a partner in a design/assist capacity during the Design Development phase. Starting with a target GMP at the 30% DD stage, Sure Steel provided continual budget updates and constructability reviews as the drawings progressed through the development process until the documents were complete and a fixed lump sum was set. The project management teams for both JE Dunn and Sure Steel worked hand in hand to adjust to several substantial changes including a major design change just 15 days after project award. Through open lines of communication and a desire to maintain our integrity through our commitments, we were able to make our first delivery and start standing steel on time and, over the course of six substantial design changes and countless minor ones, we were able to meet or exceed all of our commitments and milestones throughout the project.
  • Location: Greeley, CO
  • Surface Area: 350,000 SqFt
  • Contractor/Owner: JE Dunn
  • Category:

Safety Stats



Without Lost Time



Experience Modification Rate (7/1 to 6/30)



Lost Time Incident Rate



Days away, restricted, transferred (1/1 to 12/31)

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